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Philippine Electricity Derivatives Market – we are focused in building an Electricity Derivatives Market (EDM) for the Philippines. Electricity Derivatives are the primary choice for electricity supply and is available to power industry players in many countries. However, there is no market for Electricity Derivatives in the Philippines. A fully functioning EDM is universally desired because it will help achieve security, reliability and price reasonability of electricity supply. We, composed of experts in the local electricity and information technology industry, are in the process of building one. The Company also aims to operate the Exchange for Electricity Futures Market after it is established.

Canary, our flagship product, takes advantage of collaboration from Intel, Microsoft and OSISoft to bring to you the leading solution in its category. It is an accepted industry standard across several industries worldwide…

Do you want to comply with the latest DENR-EMB circular to establish a uniform data acquisition and handling system which shall act as repository of industrial emissions of firms required to install Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and Continuous Opacity Monitoring Systems (COMS)?

This device Canary can help you with that! Reach out to us via our Contact page and our sales team can visit you to discuss.


Tantô, provides actionable insights to the market participants in the Philippine Energy Spot Market. On top of this, it also gives :

  • The world’s most accurate forecasting tool for solar and wind generation. Because we use the two biggest supercomputers in the world, tests have shown that root mean square error (RMSE) of our projections compared to the actual generation is more accurate than those of from IBM Weather Channel, European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecast and The Global Forecast System produced by the US National Center for Environmental Prediction.
  • 1-Day and 7-Day projections for the nationwide generation from renewables. With the “must dispatch” policy for renewables, an accurate projections like this will be valuable not just for the RE gencos but for all market participants who want to optimise their selling and buying prices.