Our Products

Canary, our flagship product, takes advantage of collaboration from Intel, Microsoft and OSISoft to bring to you the leading solution in its category. It is an accepted industry standard across several industries worldwide.
Tantô, provides actionable insights to the market participants in the Philippine Energy Spot Market. On top of this, it also gives :

• The world's most accurate forecasting tool for solar and wind generation. Because we use the two biggest supercomputers in the world, tests have shown that root mean square error (RMSE) of our projections compared to the actual generation is more accurate than those of from IBM Weather Channel, European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecast and The Global Forecast System produced by the US National Center for Environmental Prediction.

• 1-Day and 7-Day projections for the nationwide generation from renewables. With the "must dispatch" policy for renewables, an accurate projections like this will be valuable not just for the RE gencos but for all market participants who want to optimise their selling and buying prices.

Here are some of the customers using our product.

In the energy industry, our solution monitors and optimizes the following:

  • Approximately 60% of USA power generation
  • 100% of the Independent System Operators and Regional Transmission Organizations in the North America
  • 13 of the top 15 wind generating producers in the world
  • 19.5 GW of total 23 GW USA wind generation
  • Over 50% of the Concentrated Solar Plants (CSPs) in the world
  • 76% of USA nuclear power generators and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • 100% of nuclear power generation in Canada, UK and Korea

Business Solutions

“What gets measured, gets managed” – Peter Drucker

High-fidelity, high-velocity sensor-data measurement is revolutionizing industries, businesses and our world. The connection of sensor-based time-series data across assets, systems, plants, operations and the supply chain can guide your company's journey to operational intelligence and total business transformation.

This technology helps your business:

Reduce system loss in the power transmission and distribution network. Reduce non-revenue water in the water pipelines.
When valuable resources like power and water are closely monitored from their generation, to their distribution and eventual consumption, the exact point in the network where the loss is happening can be identified and corrective actions properly applied.

Increase Asset Health and Uptime
Optimizing asset health, minimizing asset failures and understanding optimal maintenance programs are critical to reducing operation costs. Our sensor-based data infrastructure delivers the data that companies need to gain real-time, historical and predictive insights into asset health and maintenance needs.
In the example of power plant turbines, research shows that the biggest cause of downtime in the country is due to tube leaks. Our solution is able to calculate and predict when a tube is about to leak and then proactively notifies the assigned engineer to resolve the problem before the turbine shuts down. Prevented downtime can add millions in the bottom line.

Optimize Processes
Through data, people can transform their business. Using a data infrastructure approach across operations, our solution empowers engineers and data scientists to gain historical, real-time and predictive insight into areas for process efficiencies. Combining asset, system, plant, enterprise and supply chain information with real-time and historical operations data, organizations gain novel insights into opportunities for continuous improvements.
We can produce more with less.

Elevate Quality
Better insight, better product and services
Preventing quality deviations and improving quality are critical factors in building market leadership and maximizing profitability. Real-time and historical operations data provide essential insights for quality improvements.

Improve Energy Efficiency
Actionable, historical, real-time and predictive intelligence into energy consumption. That's what makes our solution a uniquely powerful engine for improving energy utilization, associated costs and environmental sustainability.

Risk and Regulatory Compliance
Move from manual to digital reporting
Manual processes are the single greatest obstacle to achieving accurate, cost-effective regulatory compliance and reporting. Prone to error, they increase risk and deplete both human and financial resources. And as local and national government regulations grow more complex, the problems associated with manual processes and data-pull become more acute.
Today, leading industries leverage our system to automate the collection, aggregation and processing of data essential for regulatory compliance and reporting. By transforming processes from manual to digital, regulatory information is made available quickly, consistently, accurately and centrally. The result is reliable, streamlined compliance and reporting procedures and cost-saving efficiencies.